SS 2021 : GAMECENTER 119

SS 2021 : GAMECENTER 119

According to the Japan amusement industry association, the number of arcades in Japan plunged from 22 000 in 1989 to just 4 000 in 2019. Covid crisis has just accelerated the pace of closures. The Internet and smartphones have allowed the rapid growth of online video games, but have also helped destroy an historic industry vector of collective pleasure, as a symbol of this ultra-connected world. If nothing is done, independent arcades in Japan will soon be a distant memory.

shinjuku playland

Based on this observation, we teamed up with japanese houses addict artist Arthur Ortega to illustrate fallen monuments of japanese gaming culture : Shibuya Kaikan, Anata no Warehouse, Sega Gigo 2, Game Inn Naha, Shinjuku Playland and GameSpot 21.

shibuya kaikan monaco

In limited edition, available in t-shirts, hoodies and prints, this gamecenter 119 capsule will see part of its profits donated directly to resistant players :  for every item sold, the equivalent of 10 games played profit gets to a selection of independant gamecenters. Credits – Photographer : Victor Lee / Models : Oshi, Iori, Yoshi, Tama.

anata no warehouse

game inn naha


game inn naha_1000-4