Segata Sanshiro Hoodie


Summer 1997. In order to boost the sales of the Saturn, SEGA is betting on a new commercial hero (Segata Sanshiro) who doesn’t hesitate to beat up young people in nightclubs, to strangle teenagers who hang out in the streets rather than spending time on their console or even disguising himself as Santa Claus to infiltrate homes and get his message to children : “You must play sega Saturn” ! Wordplay between the Japanese pronunciation of the Sega Saturn (セ ガ サ タ ー ン, Sega Satān) and the verb “Shiro” (which can be interpreted here as an injunction to play), Segata Sanshiro remains one of the most agressive character ever in a commercial. Also tribute to the film Sugata Sanshiro by Akira KUROSAWA, the commercial series was a hit and convinced Sega to release Segata game : Segata Sanshirō Shinken Yūgi ! Absolute cult icon.

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