Lookbook ss2017


Onomatopeia (or «name-poetry» according to philosopher Max Müller) is defined as the formation of a name or word by an imitation of the source of the sound it describes. Japanese, especially in Mangas, is filled with onomatopoetic phrases, making up the shortcoming of Japanese verbs. Two types of japanese onomatopeia can be found : the giongo and gitaigo. «Giongo» are used to express voice or sounds whereas «gitaigo» are more abstract and are used to describe an action, like a facial expression, an emotion, or a feeling. For this Spring Summer 2017 collection, we put into life 8 colorful «gitaigo» (doki doki, peko peko, waku waku, nobi nobi, gera gera, guda guda, saba saba, ira ira..). Visually impacting, melodious (consisting of the same word repeated), they are the best way to creatively express what you feel now! Photographer : Julien Attard.

Still For Sale : https://kumagumi.com/collection/gitaigo/