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otomo magazineOtomo Magazine

Japanese magazine created in 2016 by the french team of Rockyrama magazine under the direction of Johan Chiaramonte. Absolutely incredible for any japanese pop culture fan, edited in a vintage paper, it’s colorful, bumpy, looks like old school Japan. The main themes are manga, exploitation movies (Kaiju, Yakuza, Pink), music and many more, ramen, video games (see the Takeshi’s Challenge article !!). 5 issues were released since 2016. Absolutely essential, but unfortunately only in french..

The detailed summary of the 1st issue : The story of Ultraman and its main descendants, the portrait of the famous actor Takeshi Kitano and the director Kinji Fukasaku, arcades in Japan, a complete history of Godzilla toy, an analysis of the Rainbow Road in Mario Kart, and finally an unprecedented encounter with the legend and father of Albator: Leiji matsumoto !

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