Japanese Pinku Dictionnary

japanese pinku-dictionnaryThe Japanese Pink Dictionnary

Akasen : (red line) a red light district. The term refers to the red lines that were drawn on maps by American forces occupying japan after World War II to try to contain the sex industry within the boundaries of long-estabilshed red-light disctricts such as Yoshiwara.

aokan : outdoor sex

asobi : Can refer to casual sex, fooling around

av box : adult video box. A club consisting of tiny soundproof rooms for screening pornographic movies that sometimes offer tekoki (manual ejaculation) services

awa hime (bubble princess) : a soapland hostess

awa odori (bubble dance) : a full body soap lather massage on an air mattress performed at soaplands

baishun (selling spring) : prostitution

bero bero : agressive licking

beta beta : the sound of stickyness. This can refer to a couple making out

bottakuriten : a rip off club. a club that deceives customers. Stricter consumer protection laws have recently been enforced, but Kabukicho, the most famous entertainment district in Tokyo, is still known to be risky for the amateur consumer

burusera shop (bloomer sailor soap) : a shop that sells used schoolgirl uniforms and panties. Until the ministry of education pulled the plug, used panties were also available in vending machines

cabaret club : see kyabakura

chikan : a pervert or groper, especially on public trains and subways. See ou chikan t-shirt !

chikan densha (pervert train) a groping fantasy sex club built to look like a train

chinko / chin chin : a penis

chinguri gaeshi : a sexual position in which a man lies down on his back and lifts his legs up to his chest

cosplay (costume play) a staple service in the pink business

couples cafe : kappura kissa

debusen : a sexual preference for overweight people

deri heru (delivery health ): an escort service that sends women to a customers residence or hotel. There is a small but expanding market of male escorts that cater to “bored housewives” as well

Dk (deep kiss) : a french kiss. This service is sometimes included in the hourly rate. In other cases a customer must pay an extra fee

dohan : a compensated dinner date with a hostess before accompanying her to her club. With roots in the geisha tradition, in which customers paid a fee to the geisha’s teahouse for the privilege of taking her out, the dohan system allows a customer to meet his favorite hostess before she begins work. It is assumed that the customer will finish the evening by spending what remains of his paycheck at the hostess club. The hostess receives a percentage of the dohan fee

dutch wife : a blow up doll

ekiben position : ekiben, or train station boxed lunch (bento) used to be sold from a tray carried in front of the vendor’s waist. In the pink world, ekiben is a sexual position in which a woman wraps her legs around a man’s middle like a cigarette girl’s tray

ekimae soap : bathhouse brothels that are located in front of train stations. There less expensive soaplands operate outside of the traditional bathhouse districts

encho : an extension of a client’s allotted time with a woman for which the customer usually pays an extra fee

enemagura : A us manufactured prostate stimulating device

enjo kosai : compensated dating. High school girls arrange dates with men for money, often via telephone clubs or the internet. A law curbing the practice has been recently enacted; women under the age of eighteen are no longer allowed to walk around with older men without parental permission

esthe (esthetician service club) : a sexual message club

fera : fellatio

fasshion herusu : a club offering health service in a costume. Virtually all modern japanese sex clubs have cosplay options

fuzoku : in modern japanese, fuzoku means commercial sex. In fuzokuten actual sex is often forbidden by law, resulting in many colorful alternatives. See our fuzoku t-shirt.

fuzokujo : a woman who works in a sex club

gansha : ejaculation on the face. A popular optional service

gel play : a packet of powder is added to bathtub water to make it viscous. An optional service

genjina : a fake name. All working girls are referred to by their worktime aliases

gokkun (gulp) : the sound of swalloowing. Semen drinking is often offered for an extra fee

gyaku anaru service (reverse anal service) : a vibrator service performed by the customer

H (from hentai) : a plyaful word used to describe anything sex related. See our etchi t-shirt !

hage papa : a sugar daddy

hanabira kaiten (petal rotation) : a type of pink club where women rotate between customers who get to fondle two to three women during a session. Petal refers to the labia

herusu (health) : a pink club that offers ora sex. See also fasshon herusu, deri heru, hoteru herusu and manshon herusu.

hikinuki : an undercover scout who poses as a customer to recruit women to another club. Considered very bad form

hitozuma club (someone else’s wife club) : a sex club specializing in married woman fantasies

honban (the real thing) : intercourse

honbon nashi (without the real thing) : since japanese public decency laws narrowly define sex, everything but full intercourse is routinely performed

host : a man who pours drinks and massages the egos of female clientele

hostess : hostesses drink, sing karoke, light cigarettes and give their undivided attention to the club’s patrons. But in ost cases hostesses perform no sexual act of any kind

hoteru herusu (hotel health) : a hotel health club consists of a front office, customer waiting room, and a fuzokujo waiting room where services (costumes, options) are arranged in person and the customer can view photographs of the available women and a request (shimei). Once arrangements have been made, the customer and his date meet at a nearby love hotel. Since sexual acts are performed off premise at a love hotel, these clubs operate in the lighter shade of the gray zone of legality. Most hotel health clubs operate under a strictly enforced “no sex” rule and girls are fired if they are caught acting otherwise.

ichatsuku : to make out to neck

imekura (image club) : fantasy sex clubs equipped with costumes and specially designed playrooms, which offer oral sex in private room

innyo : the drinking of urine. An optional service

iramachio : to thust a penis into a woman’s mouth while she remains motionless

isojin : a disinfecting mouthwash that women gargle with before performing oral sex on a customer. If it burns a customer, some girls take it as a sign that he has a sexually transmitted disease and they ask the customer to leave

isu arai : an erotic chair wash performed on a sukebe isu (pervert chair) in which soap girl leathers the customer, paying special attention to his penis

joho kissa : information coffe shops in japan’s redlight districts that provide customers with an introduction to pink establishments

jukujo club : a club catering to men who have fetishes for older women

kabukicho : famous district in Tokyo. See our kabukicho t-shirt !

kai (seashell) : one of many seafood references describing a woman’s genital anatomy

ketsumochi : (ass holder) : most every club that wants to reain in business will hire a low ranking yakuza member to take care of minor conflicts.

kintama (golden balls) : the family jewels

konai hassha (inside mouth ejaculation) : a popular optional service

kuguri isu : a plastic chair designed for a man to sit on on

kyaba herusu : (cabaret health) : these clubs offer customers a chance to make out with several girls before choosing the one “petal” to take a private room for heath (oral sex) services

kyabakura (cabaret club) : a hostess club with younger hostess

love hotel : by the hour hotel equipped for privacy and sex. Love hotels offer both a nightly rate and a three hour rate for couples brought together by both love and money

lucky hole : a hole for a man to poke his penis through  while a woman provides various level of stimulation

manko :  a crude but common word for a woman’s private parts. Almost never uttered by a woman.

maguro girl : a woman who acts like a giant tuna in bed, don’t move much. See our t-shirt !

manaita show (cutting board show) : an illegal live sex show in which lucky audience members re create the motion of a knife

manshon herusu (mansion health) : a sex club in a residential appartment building

mantaku : a femal anatomy ink imprint. An optional pink service in which a customer uses a traditional calligraphy brush to paint a woman. She then makes an imprint on a piece of paper as a keepsake for the customer

manzoku (satisfaction) : also the name of a popular sex club magazine in Japan.

matto : the air mattresses in soaplands and specialty clubs used for slip and slide fun. A customer lies down on a matto while a woman covers herself in soap lather. She then uses her entire body as a sponge

mizu shobai (water trade) : the entertainment industry. Today, mizu shobai usually refers to the hostess industry

muryo annai jo : a free information center. In red light disctricts, these shops are stocked with glossy pamphlets and discount coupons for fuzoku

mushimegane show : a magnifying glass show. A japanese strip club classic where audience members take turns playing detective by using glasses to inspect the dancer’s genitalia

nama (raw) : in the pink world without a condom

NG (No Good) : Prohibited

nikaisen : the clubs promise that the woman will try as hard as possible to satisfy customers twice in their alloted time

niodachi play : the man stands up and is serviced without having to do any work

no pan kissa/ no panty coffee shop : a cafe where the waitresses don’t wear underwear. No touching allowed

nozoki : a peep show, a peeping room

nudo gekijo : a nude theater, a strip club

nuki ari : ejaculation allowed

nuki kyaba : a cabaret with nuki services

nyotaimori : sushi or sashimi eaten off of a nude woman

new half : a transvestite

nyukaikin : a one time membership fee

omiai pub : a matchmaking pub. Women usually eat and drink for free, while men pay an hourly fee and a message sending fee in order to communicate with a girl

omorashi panty : a wet panty service. The cutomer keeps the freshly urinated panties of his date as a souvenir

ona hole (onanism hole) : a fake vagina made of soft sponge or silicone to be used for male masturbation. An ona hole usually looks like a wet sponge in a can

oppai : breat. See our oppai tshirt

orutaimu (all time) : at clibs that advertise orutaimu rates, services are offered for the same price during any time of the day. At most other clubs, the later it gets, the more expensive the price

osawari pub (touch pub) : see oppai momi momi

oshibori : a wet washcloth. used to wash hands before a meal and in pink salons to wash customers genitalia before servicing. Selling oshibori to sex clubs is largely yakuza controlled business

paizuri : rubbing at the penis between the breasts

pansto yaburi : (panty stocking ripping) : a popular optional service

panty service : an optional service that allows the customer to take home the woman’s underwear

penis band : a strap on dildo

petal rotation : hanabira kaiten

pinku : sexual, commercial sex. See our pinku tshirt!

pinsaro : an oral sex parlor without private rooms. Everything take place in towel covered booths, in front of other customers

ponbiki : a person who agressively tries to lure passerby to their club

poraido service : an optional service that allows a customer to take a polaroid picture as a souvenir

ranko party : an orgy

rota : an egg shape vibrator. A popular optional service

sakura : a profesionnal woman hired to call in into telephone clubs or go to omiai pubs and pretend to be a shiroto (amateur) to attract customers. Like a blossom a sakura’s presence is ephemeral

san pi (3P) : a menage a trois optional service

seikyu : a menstruation holiday

seisu (holy water) : a golden water optional service. A customer may choose to be urinated on or sumply watch a woman urinate next to him

sekuhara play : sexual harassment play. An image club service in which a customer may grope a secretary in an office

senbyoko (periscope) : a soapland service in which woman performs oral sex on a man whose periscope is sticking out of the bathwater

settai : corporate client entertainment. A showing of customer appreciation so important to japanese business culture that taking a client out for a night at a hostess club or even a soapland is often a legitimate business expense

sexy kyabakura : a club that offers anything from hostesses in lingerie to momi momi ( breast fondling) and beyond. Osawari pubs, nuki, kyaba, oppai momi momi all fall under this category

shakuhachi : a euphemism for fellatio

shibari : an ancient form of japanese bondage in which a person is tied up with rope in a series of intricate knots

shimei : a request for a particular partner. A customer can choose a woman from a set of shimei photographs, usually for an additional fee. Customers who don’t pay to shimei are subject to the luck of the draw

shinjin (new person) : a new hire. In japanese, new face. Usually highlighted on a shimei picture board, many customers seek out new girls as opposed to jaded professionals

shiroto : (amateur) implies a sought after innocence

shunga : (spring picture) : traditional pornography. A subcategory of ukiyo-e, japanese woodblock prints, shunga were explicit sexual woodblock prints produced from the siwteenth to nineteenth centuries: the predecessor of erotic manga

skeleton vibe : a vibrator made of clear plastic revealing the mechanics inside

snack, pub : a scaled back local version of a hostess bar in which a mama san and a few hostesses are present to facilitate conversation and karaoke. Customers are usually charged per hour and often pay an additional fee for snacks

soku shaku : immadiate shaku (oral sex). Implies oral sex without a shower prerequisite: evokes the fantasy that the girl truly likes the customer

sopurando (soapland) : a pink bathhouse. Standard soapland service includes : scrubbing, bathing, kuguri is play, lotion or foam massage on a matto (air mattess) and yes honban (intercourse)

sougaku : everything’s included. Especially used for soapland pricing, this term implies that the honban (intecourse) fee, otherwise paid separately to the soapland girl, is included in the initial entrance fee. In soaplands that do not offer sougaku the honban fee is often twice the amount of the entrance fee

sukauto : a recruiter who looks for new girls to join the pink work force. scouts are often paid 10 percent of the salary of every girl that he or she recruits

sukebe : lecherous person. See our sukebe tshirt !

sukebe isu : a plastic chair specially designed with a hole in it for easy access to perform an isu arai, an erotic chair wash performed in soaplands

sumata : to rub against a partner without honban; A woman uses her thighs and lotion to rub against her partner to simulate intercourse without actual penetration

taikishitsu : a club’s waiting room for fuzoku girls

taneko hagi : (bamboo shoot peeling) : a rip off club. Like peeling back layers of a bamboo shoot, a customer is quoted a price, but once the girl has taken off her clothes, he must pay more for each additional stage of the srevice that he thought was all inclusive

tanima no shirayuri : ejaculation as the result of paizuri

tawashi no shirayuri : ejaculation as the result of paizuri

tawashi arai : a soapland customer is treated to an exfoliating rubdown by a soapgirl’s pubic hair scrub brush

tekoki : a handjob

terekura (telephone club ) : a male customer pays an hourly fee to wait in a tiny room for a phone call to comin in from women lookking for a temporary boyfriend

tobikko play : remote control vibrator play from the japanese word to fly

toruko : turkish bath. What soaplands were called before the turkish embassy made a diplomatic push for a name change in 1985

tsume kiri : a nail clipper. It is considered good manners for a customer to use the club nail clippers before inserting his fingers into a woman

ura video : an illegal adult video that doesn’t have a digital mosaic over the naughty bits

ura fuzoku : illegal fuzoku. Most sex clubs, even though they may be licensed are actually doing something illegal inside but still operate openly for years before being shut down in a police raid.

uriage system (sales proceeds) : a system that is common in hostess and host bars in which the customer buys expensive drinks for his favorite hostess, and the hostess receives a percentage of her alcohol sales

urisen bar : auction bar. These bars sell people to male and female customers

wakame zake : a classic strip club game during which wine is poured down a woman’s body and drunk from between her legs. If an audience recipient is lucky, there will be a little seaweed in his serving too

waribiki ticket (discount ticket) : available in magazines, information centers

warimashikin : an additional fee that is often levied upon foreign customers

yakuza : japanese mafia

yobai play : sleeping girl play. A woman pretends she is asleep while the customer fondles her.

Yoshiwara : a red light district in tokyo since the 17th century. Yoshiwara is now home to hundreds of soaplands

zenshin ami tights : full body fishnet stockings;