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Game Newton


Yasuaki Matsuda, Game Newton owner and Tougeki Co-founder

Topping off this round-up is one of the most storied independent fighting game spots in the capital ever since the 1990s. With branches based in Itabashi and Oyama, Game Newton pride themselves on being a “Friendship & Community Space” – doubtlessly providing one of the core, justified functions that a game center should really serve and be valued for.

As one of the first ever Japanese locations to distribute their events on early livestreaming avenues such as Stickam and Ustream, they have cultivated a unique reputation for themselves, steered brilliantly by veteran scene figurehead and co-founder of Tougeki SBO, Yasuaki Matsuda. Game Newton remains one of the public gaming spaces to be admired.

Adress : (Itabashi) 3 Chome-24-3 Shimura, Itabashi City, Tokyo 174-0056, Japon

Tel : +81 3-3558-9766

(Ooyama) 25-8 Oyamacho, Itabashi City, Tokyo 173-0023

Tel : +81 3-3554-2668


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