Who we are ?

Kumagumi is a Japanese gaming merch company founded in 2020 in Kobe, Japan. Absolute fans of video games, we started selling Japanese imported consoles on ebay. Many others projects followed until the creation of KumaGumi.

“Kuma”(熊 / Bear) “Gumi”(組 Group) reflects the days, evenings, years (oh wtf?!) spent hibernating and playing videogames with friends. A time of innocence, simplicity with no Internet.

The aim of the company is to do quality video game merch, one we never had access to, especially clothes people can wear in real life not just during events or conventions. Also we are on a mission to help studios better exploit their IPs and highlight the hard situation of arcades in Japan and help them at our small level.


Our video game merch / clothes collections :

2021 : Gamecenters119 / Candy Cabs collections with illustrator Arthur Ortega.

2022 : SBO-Tougeki collection in collaboration with Enterbrain / Kadokawa Corp

2022 : Famitsu collection in collaboration with Kadokawa Corp

2023 : Batsugun collection in partnership with Tatsujin Co., Ltd.

2023 : Kaiser Knuckle collection in partnership with Taito Co., Ltd.


Creation Date august 2020
Activities Distribution and sale of clothing
Headquarter Location
Paris, France